Visa: Temporary Visitor's Visa


Who can use a Temporary Visitor's Visa?

A Temporary Visitor Visa is for those applicants who intend to stay in Japan for 90 days or less for such purposes as follows:
Sightseeing; sports; visiting relatives, friends, or acquaintances; visiting a sick person; attending a wedding or funeral ceremony; participating in athletic tournaments; contests etc. as an amateur; business purposes (such as market research, business liaison, business consultation, signing a contract, or providing after-sale service for imported machinery); inspecting or visiting plants, trade fairs etc.; attending lectures, explanatory meetings etc.; academic surveys or research presentations; religious pilgrimages or visits; friendship visits to sister cities, sister schools etc.; or other similar activities during a short period of stay in Japan.

Persons planning to travel to Japan for a different purpose, such as students, workers, journalists, entertainers, attorneys (taking depositions), etc., must apply for a different type of visa in the appropriate category.

Visa Exemption

Bahamian and citizens of other countries which have a reciprocal visa exemption arrangement with Japan may be eligible to visit Japan without a visa for a short-term stay for the activities allowed to Temporary Visitors. For more information about reciprocal visa exemption arrangements, please click here.


Please be aware that we will decline applications that have incomplete documents. Each Temporary Visitor Visa applicant must submit the following documents:

The following documents must be submitted when applying for a Temporary Visa:

For the Purpose of Sightseeing / Vacation 

For the Purpose of Visiting Relatives / Friends

For the Purpose of Business

For the Purpose of Attending a Conference