Visa: For the Purpose of Visiting Relatives / Friends


Documents to be provided by visa applicant

  1. A valid passport with at least 2 facing blank pages
  2. One passport size photograph taken within the last 6 months
  3. 3. A completed and signed visa application form. Blank forms are available at Japanese Embassy Offices or you may use the downloadable Visa Application Form.
  4. Travel schedule or flight itinerary. This may be printed from the internet or be obtained from a travel agency.* Please Note: We are not responsible for tickets which are unusable due to delay or denial of visa.
  5. An original recent bank statement showing sufficient funds for expenses in Japan – to be submitted by applicant or guarantor(s) if guarantor is bearing the applicant’s expenses. *Please note that screenshots are not accepted.
  6. Proof of kinship if visiting relatives (ex. birth certificate, marriage certificate, an original copy of the family register (KOSEKI-TOHON/SHOHON) issued within the last 3 months)
  7. Proof of acquaintance if visiting friends (ex. photographs, letters, copy of e-mail)

Documents to be provided from Japan

  1. An original Invitation Letter completed by guarantor. If the guarantor is the spouse of the visa applicant and is Japanese, a certified copy of the family register KOSEKITOHON should also be submitted
  2. An original Itinerary in Japan  form completed by the guarantor
  3. When there are multiple applicants, a completed List of Visa Applicants

If the applicant will be accomodated at their relative's or acquaintance's home the following should also be submitted:

      1. More than one of the following documents from the relative or acquaintance:

  •       An original recent bank statement
  •       The latest Certificate of Income or Taxation, issued by the head of administration of the place of residence.
  •       A Certificate of tax payment issued by the director of the tax office.
  •       A copy of the counterfoil of final tax return with the seal of reception of the Tax Office
       2.   An original certificate of residence (JUMINHYO) of guarantor
       3.   A completed Letter of Guarantee
       4.   If the guarantor is a non-Japanese national, please submit the following
  • A copy of both sides of the valid Residence Card (the Alien Registration Card
  • A copy of the guarantor’s passport (including the page of status items, the record of entry/departure, and permission of residence)
**Please do not staple the documents.