Visa Applicants who are residing in The Bahamas and Belize

Please note that Bahamians and Belizeans and other nationals residing in The Bahamas and Belize who wish to apply for a Japanese visa are generally required to submit their visa application at the Embassy of Japan in Jamaica. It is compulsory that these individuals apply in-person or assign a proxy to submit their documentation at the Embassy of Japan in Jamaica. Prior to submitting the documentation in-person, the latter may be sent via email to for pre-checks.

In the case of Bahamian applicants, a Japanese visa is not required if the purpose of visit is tourism, commerce, a conference, visit to relatives/acquaintances etc., with the length of stay not exceeding 90 days. However, if the Bahamian applicant intends to engage in paid activities in Japan, a visa will be required for entry to Japan.

Visa Window hours

Visa applications may be submitted to the Visa Window from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm, Mondays through to Wednesdays, except for national and public holidays. No appointment is necessary for visa applications. Queries concerning visa applications may also be made during these times.

Visas are granted on Fridays only during Visa Window hours, and may be picked up only during those times. Failure on the part of applicants to pick up their visas on a Friday during Visa Window hours will result in pick-up being deferred to the following Friday.