Grass-Roots Human Security Projects

 Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Human Security Projects is a small scale funding programme under the Government of Japan aiming at the area of Basic Human Needs (BHN) which includes i) Poverty Reduction, ii) Natural Disaster Response, iii) Education, iv) Health, v) Gender Issues and vi) Environment for the people of Belize. To apply for this programme, download and complete the Project Concept Paper and send it to the Grass-Roots Human Security Project Coordinator in Embassy of Japan via email (Email address is in the brochure).

  Prospective applicants should note that the following budget items cannot be financed: consumables, electric appliances including computers, regular vehicles, running and maintenance costs of facilities and equipment, administrative costs of the recipient organisation and and monetary sponsorship for a recipient's hosting of an event.

Official Development Assistance (ODA)
Grass-Roots Human Security Projects Pamphlet
Project Concept Paper